Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited

Company Profile

Karnataka Road Development Corporation (KRDCL) was incorporated on 21st of July 1999 as a wholly owned Government of Karnataka Company as per the Provisions of the Company's Act, 1956.

KRDCL is a company under the Public Works, Ports & Inland Water Transport Department. This Company was established to promote surface infrastructure by taking up Road Works, Bridges etc., and to improve road network by taking up construction widening and strengthening of roads, construction of bridges, maintenance of roads etc., and to take up projects on BOT, BOOT, BOLT.

Since inception Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited has strived to improve the road network and to establish connectivity to all the nook & corner of the State.


The Government has constituted "Karnataka Road Development Corporation Ltd" vide Government order No. PWD 172 CRM 97 dated 01.06.1999. The Corporation is established under Companies Act, 1956 [Sl.No. of 196 (56)] as a Public Limited Company wholly owned by Government of Karnataka and is under the administrative control of the Public Works Department and was established on 21st July 1999 as a wholly owned Government of Karnataka Enterprises.

Role of the Company and its structure

  • The company is established to develop roads, construction of Bridges and other Infrastructure Development connected to surface Transport.
  • The company has an initial share of Rs.510 Crore.

Source of funding / Income for the Road Development Corporation.

  1. Budgetary Grant for specific projects.
  2. Collection of user fee on Roads Transferred from Govt.
  3. Interest from Deposits on Deposit Contribution works from other Departments.
  4. Formation of Road Fund.
  5. The State Government stands Guarantee for all the loans or repayment of loans availed from any other Source.

Implementation of Projects by the company

Grant is allocated to the company by the State Govt. for development of Roads and Bridges. As also financial assistance is being sought from M/s. HUDCO institutions and Rs.878 Crore has been taken from HUDCO

From inception of the KRDCL, development works have been taken up on State Highways and Major District Roads, where considerable traffic is observed. Also, the company has played an important role in providing connectivity to such places where communication was difficult by developing Roads and construction of Bridges.

The company in its tenure of 18 years (2017-18), as per the purpose of its formation, has reached the target and fulfilled the necessity of public demand to the maximum extent.

The projects formulated, brought to implementation stage and allowed for public use during past 16 years from inception of the company.

  1. 1148 km length of 41 roads is developed on EPC mode at an amount of Rs. 1987 Cr.
  2. Three roads of total length 131 km has been taken up on PPP-Annuity basis at an Annuity amount of Rs.1069 Crore. The Annuity period for these projects is 12-13 years.
  3. Three projects of total 285 km length have been developed on PPP-VGF (Toll) basis at a cost of Rs.671 Crore.
  4. During 2001-04 under 1st Phase 7327 km of State Highway Maintenance at a cost of Rs.225 Crore and during 2005-08, 14500 km of State Highway Maintenance completed at a cost of Rs.503 Crore.
  5. Totally 642 bridges have been completed at a cost of Rs.675 Crore under phased programme.
  6. 33 major bridges have been completed at a cost of Rs. 545.00 Crore


The Government of Karnataka has honoured KRDCL "Karnataka Ratna" Award during 2010 for all over achievement.