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B-TRAC 2010
Bangalore City has witnessed a phenomenal growth in vehicle population. As a result, many of the arterial roads and intersections are operating over the capacity (i.e., V/C is more that 1) and average journey speed on some of the key roads in the Central Area are lesser that 10 kmph in the peak hour. Therefore, it has become necessary to establish plans for efficient traffic management in Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project- B-TRAC 2010.
Goals and the Highlights of B-TRAC 2010 are two-fold:
1. Operational Highlights
  • Reduce traffic congestion by 30% in the Central Area of Bangalore City.
  • Reduce accident by 30% in the city of Bangalore
  • Achieve significant reduction in pollution
  • Achieve substantial compliance of Traffic Laws and Rules
  • Set up effective Trauma Care System
2. Institutional Highlights
  • Coordinated traffic management by developing mechanisms for the same, like institutionalizing Traffic Task Force, Road Safety Committee, Traffic action Committee etc..
  • Robust Revenue Model (traffic funds to pay for traffic management infrastructure and maintenance)
  • Legal and Institutional reforms
  • Capacity Building (modernization and up gradation of Traffic Training Institute etc.)
  • Strengthening of Traffic police by augmenting offices and staff; communication and mobility
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